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Browning 'Olympian' Recurve left-handed take-down bow
32lb draw weight at 28"
66" long
Carbon stabiliser long rod
Pressure button
Arton sight
Carry Case
Bow stand
Chest Guard
6 x 27.25" Easton Aluminium 1914 Arrows
6 x 28.25" Easton X7 1914 Arrows

Price £100
Malcolm Twist 07904 344 000

Win & Win TF-APECS Recurve Bow & ACC arrows
SF Premium limbs, 34lb draw weight at 28"
25" orange carbon riser
Right-handed, with international limb fittings
Cartel carbon long rod stabiliser
2 x Shibuya Pressure buttons
Shibuya 'Ultima' carbon sight
Beiter 0.25 clicker
Bracer, quiver, tab
SF black rucksack for bow with arrow tube
Petron aluminium Bow stand
Bracing gauge & tools
Spare strings
8 x 30.5" Easton ACC series DJ Arrows

Price £400
Call 07711 459 756

Recurve Bow
40lb draw weight at 28"
66" long
Right-handed, with international limb fittings
V-bars + long rod stabilisers
2 x Pressure buttons
Arton 'Olympic' sight
Tackle box & trolley
Bow stand
Bracing gauge
Chest Guard
Spare strings
12 x 26.5" Easton ACE 1206G series 720 spine Arrows
8 x 26.5" Easton X7 1914 Arrows

Price: £300 (may consider splitting)
Contact: Nevil Lee