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We have the Safeguarding course at the range on Thurs 25th Aug - arrive from 6pm, course starts at 6.30. We can officially sign off up to 12 participants, so preference will go to any coaches & volunteers who don't have a current cert, but more are welcome to take part. Those of you who have already asked to be on the list of official attendees are still on the list!

North Cheshire Bowmen is a club of about 140 archers based at Knutsford Sports Club, just to the south of Manchester, England. It is affiliated to the Cheshire Archery Association, and in turns the English Northern Counties Archery Society and Archery GB (also known as the Grand National Archery Society). The club is part of the On Target scheme. Knutsford Sports Club also provides Cricket, Squash and Tennis.

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The club was founded in 1950, and aims to promote the practice and history of archery. Its current members' principal interest is in target archery, but it does also include those who shoot in the field, clout and flight disciplines. Most styles of equipment are catered for, particularly the Recurve bow, Compound bow, Barebow and the traditional English Longbow. There are however no facilities for crossbow shooting.

Club activities include introductory training courses run several times a year. The club also runs a range of competitions for all levels of ability; friendly matches with other clubs in the locality, and participation in postal and internet based league matches against other clubs.

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Formal outdoor practice sessions are usually held at Knutsford Sports Club (see Where to Find Us) from 7pm on weekday evenings (see Field Availability for which) and Sunday morning in the summer - when there is usually also a fixture. Informal practice may take place outdoors throughout the week provided at least 2 senior archers are present, except on Saturdays when the cricket club is using the field.

We are also able to shoot indoors in our new Indoor Archery Range at any time of day (or night), subject only to key-holder access. During the winter, there will also be indoor fixtures on Thursdays and Sunday mornings.

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