Archery Classification Badges

What Is Classification?

The Archery GB rules for the sport include a scheme for an ascending series of classifications, both indoor and outdoor, laid out in the Shooting Administrative Procedures manual.  Any score on a standard round shot in an external competition or a club Target Day (one of the club shoots on the fixtures list) counts towards your ranking; once you have three, you can claim the classification.

This gives everyone something to work towards, and encourages a feeling of improvement.

For example, if Joe Archer, Gent, shoots a Western with a recurve and scores 445, that’s a 3rd class score.  He drops the score or a copy of it into the white postbox marked “Scores” in the range, and Angus checks it and updates his record on the website, adding a black pip to his line in the grid.  Once he has three, he is a third-class archer – and entitled to wear the badge.  

Classifications - Gent Recurve

As you can see here, Tony has made 1st class and is working on his Bowman level, and Robert is one pip into 2nd class.

The indoor levels are different; there are more of them, but fewer tables.

The classification lasts one calendar year.

What are Classification Badges?

Once the classification is earned, the archer has the right to wear the appropriate badge. Getting your badge for the next level is one of the main goals in an archer’s season, and few things equal the warm glow of pinning on your new shiny classification badge.

Which is where I come in.

Buying Badges through NCB

You can send off for the badges yourselves (up to Bowman; higher than that are issued by AGB directly), but the postage is as much as the badge much of the time.

If enough people classify within the month, NCB will gather their details and send off for the badges in a block. The postage isn’t any higher than for one, and the club will cover the postage for you; archers must still pay for their own badges.

The classifications listed on the website will be taken as definitive

The Badges

Indoor badges cost £3 each; in the unlikely event that we order  100 at once they drop to £2.70

Outdoor badges cost £2.75 each

To order, please contact Hugh Foster, on the below email or find me in the range.




Bowman 1st 2nd 3rd