WhatsApp Group
The club now has a private WhatsApp Group, where you can converse with a large percentage of the members, including those who'd rather not do the Facebook Thing!

'FITA' Open WRS WA720 Shoot 10th May 2020
This year's open tournament is now a one-day event on May 10th. Details and entry form are here.

Grab Yourself a Posh Brew!
What, you don't have an NCB mug for your hot, steaming tea / coffee etc?!
I'm here to put that right and tell you they are £6 each or £20 for a set of four.
Let Gwyn or Dave Shackleton know if you want one (or more) - we have stock in the range!

Results Updates February 24th
The following club shoot results have been updated, click the shoot name to view
League Brays Monthly Februrary, Valentine's Cup

Handicap and Classification Updates January 18th

Simon Logan has achieved a handicap of 70 and a classification of G.
Steve Pugh has achieved a handicap of 56.
Megan Shaw has achieved a handicap of 12 and a classification of A.
Mike Wingate has achieved a classification of A.
Andy Perry has achieved a handicap of 68.
Jane Miller (Barebow) has achieved a handicap of 69 and a classification of F.

Badges! We all love Badges!
A description of how Classification Badges work is here