Window open for ordering Club Kit
The 'window' during which club wear can be ordered is now open; it will close on August 21st so if you want a club shirt, get your order in smartly and look smart on the line! Click here for more details

Round Definition tables added to website
Not sure what a Western is, or what distance a Long Metric is shot at? Have a look at these handy tables!

Cheshire County Coach available at the club Thursday July 12th
Joyce Harrison, who is a County Coach for Cheshire, will be at the club in the evening on the 12th July. Anyone may ask her for assistance and her advice is always expert, good and helpful. Note that she won't approach archers with it, though, you do need to ask her for help as per the standard ettiquette. If you have something you want help sorting out, come on down and make use of this - many clubs don't have this opportunity - as if we don't use it, we may lose it!

Badges! We all love Badges!
A description of how Classification Badges work is here