Handicap League Results Updated Jan 28th
The current status of the League can be viewed here

Knutsford Sports Club Open Day April 27th
The main sports club will be having an open day, which includes all sections including us! We'll run it as a have-a-go but there will be other fun things to do provided by the other sections and probably nice food and drink. Keep the date free!

Results Updates Feb 18th
The following club shoot results have been updated, click the shoot name to view
Monthly Bray League Scores, Valentine Cup

Handicap and Classification Updates Feb 18th

Paul Forster has achieved a handicap of 43.
Andy Dickinson has achievd a handicap of 44 and a classification of D.
Kate Wilson has achieved a classification of F.
Emily Wilson has achieved a handicap of 54 and a classification of E.
Allan McKinnon has achieved a handicap of 56.
Hugh Foster has achieved a handicap of 57 and a classification of E.
Alex Pugh has achieved a handicap of 56.

This Winter's Beginner Courses
This year's remaining course dates are as follows:
- Jan 9th to Feb 20th, Wednesdays
- Feb 16th to April 20th, Wednesdays
The range is closed for the Saturday courses (9am - 12pm) but you can shoot alongside the Wednesday ones except for the first week when the beginners start at 5 yards.

Badges! We all love Badges!
A description of how Classification Badges work is here